Faculty Profile

Katherine Calloway

Lecturer in English and Humanities, Christ College

Linwood 114


Katherine Calloway received her BA in University Scholars and MA in English from Baylor University, and her PhD in English from the University of British Columbia in 2010.

Her dissertation, "God's Scientists: the Renovation of Natural Theology in England, 1653-1692," demonstrates how scientists and philosophers dealt with the challenges to Christian faith posed by the Scientific Revolution.

Although much of Professor Calloway’s recent energy has been spent on theology and philosophy, she has also written on classical and modern epic poets including Virgil, Lucretius, Milton, and Wordsworth, and she is currently turning her attention to a project that will bring her interest in natural theology into dialogue with the poets. In a project with the working title “Fathers in Learning,” she explores how some early modern natural theologians disliked poetry because it undermined their cause, while others saw themselves as inheriting their task from the poets, and particularly the biblical psalmist.

Milton is a particularly interesting case because of his natural-theological epic, which circumvents some of the common problems facing natural theology by the oracular nature of its form.