Alumni spotlight: Sarah Werner

by Mallorie Mace

Sarah Werner graduated from Valpo in 2006 with a degree in English.  She is living her dream as a paid writer, more specifically as a Content Strategist for an online marketing company, Click Rain.  Sarah is responsible for crafting content for the websites her developers create.  She also crafts user-friendly content strategies for her clients to make their online experience easier and more enjoyable.

 As a student, Sarah had been absolutely certain she was destined to become a professor of Victorian literature.  After talking to other grad students and Valpo professors though, she was discouraged to learn how difficult it could be to attain tenure if you could even land a job as a professor in the first place.

 Sarah cannot stress the importance of getting out in the world and gaining some experience before you rush off to grad school.  As she puts it, many graduate programs are not looking for candidates who are fresh out of college.  Instead, they look for people who have proven they can handle life outside of the academic realm.  To gain experience, Sarah worked for a software company in Chicago for a few years analyzing user license agreements, and she later worked as a typist for a bank for four years.

 When describing her choice to become an English major at Valpo, she refers to it as one of the best decision she has ever made: “The classes taught me to think critically and write with grace and power.  The professors provided honest feedback and caring guidance at a pivotal and often difficult period in my life.”

 In her free time, Sarah is currently writing a novel and frequently sends copies of her drafts to members of her senior seminar writing class.  She also still maintains communication with some of her favorite professors.  “Valpo’s English department is a support system that does not leave you once you graduate.”