A minor in Teaching of English to Speakers of other Languages requires a minimum of 18 credit hours in writing and language-related courses.  Courses must include 368, 369, and 385; one course selected from 321, 380, and 431; two courses selected from 441, 442, and 443.

TESOL minors take 9 credits from the following:

Engl. 368 TESOL: Theory and Methods I
Engl. 369 TESOL: Theory and Methods II                 
Engl. 385 Practicum in TESOL

TESOL minors take 3 credits from the following:

Engl. 321 Intermediate Composition
Engl. 380 Topics in Writing                   
Engl. 431 Advanced Composition

TESOL minors take 6 credits from the following:

Engl. 441 History of the English Language
Engl. 442 Modern English Grammar               
Engl. 443 Introduction to Linguistics