Honors and Independent Study

Honors Work

Students majoring in English and carrying at least a 3.5 average in the major may arrange, in the second semester of the junior year, and with the approval of the Chairman of the Department, to pursue Honors Work in English during their senior year. Students pursuing Honors Work in English may earn up to six credits on the basis of an Honors paper and an oral examination on the paper and clearly related matters. (See the University Bulletin for specific details on submission of application, etc.)

Independent Study Projects

In order to insure that independent study projects undertaken in the Department of English conform to high standards of academic excellence and of literary scholarship, the committee on Honors and Independent Study has drafted the following principles to govern all such projects.

  1. Any undergraduate students wishing to enroll in English 495--Independent Study--must have completed at least six hours of work in courses numbered 321 or above in English or American literature, and they must have received a grade of "B" or better in those courses.
  2. Undergraduate proposals must be submitted to the Department Chair during advanced registration for the term in which the project is to be carried out, that is, in November for Spring Semester projects and in April for fall semester projects. No exceptions to this rule will be permitted. Academic advisors and prospective project directors should remind students of this requirement.
  3. Any graduate student who wishes to undertake an independent study project in English must comply with the requirements of both the Graduate Division and of the Department of English. No proposal for such a project will be considered unless (a) the student has completed at least twelve hours of graduate work, and (b) the proposal is submitted to the Chair of the English Department at least one month in advance of registration for the term in which the project is to be carried out.
  4. Independent study projects must not be undertaken on works or topics which form a significant part of regularly scheduled courses or of projected special topics courses.
  5. Final approval of any proposal for an English 495, 595, or 692 project may be granted only by the Department Chair. Prospective project directors should help to keep students aware of this requirement. In some instances, students and their project directors may be asked to meet with the Academic Programs Committee of the English Department as a condition for final approval.
  6. Each project director shall require a minimum of six conferences with the student, scheduled at regular intervals throughout the semester.
  7. An independent study project shall normally result in a paper or papers totaling twenty-five to fifty pages. High standards of scholarship and composition will be required.
  8. A copy of the final paper must be filed with the Department Chair.