Exploratory Advising


“One-on-one advising was very helpful because I was able to start a relationship with someone who was bound to help me succeed in my life.  This person was my 'go to' when I needed help with anything academic.  I had her email, cell phone and home phone numbers... I was always encouraged to contact her with any concerns or questions.  I never felt alone while starting this life-changing time in my life.”
- Anna Urish 2011

The foundation of the Exploratory program is the role the advisors play in guiding and assisting students through their exploration of the many possibilities open to them, while also helping students stay on track to graduate in four years.  Exploratory students will be assigned a faculty advisor with whom to meet at least once a semester, but who is available most days of the week and some evenings to meet with them. This advisor will help  determine the student's greatest areas interest, and help choose classes that both fit those interests and fulfill graduation requirements.  An Exploratory advisor is an instrumental resource who will not only help the student plan their class schedule but will also:

  • talk about  majors and minors, career choices and coursework
  • introduce faculty members in fields of interest for interview and inquiry
  • facilitate contact with extracurricular groups, providing opportunities to try out areas of interest and apply skills
  • give information about introductory courses that are offered in most fields of study and provide access to these courses so that students can “test the waters”
  • direct students to additional resources and opportunities such as studying abroad
  • assist students through the process of declaring a major, after which an advisor will be assigned for the new major