Exploratory Studies and Vocational Discernment Course (GS 150)

 “GS 150 didn't just give me an idea for my career in life, but it also helped me realize who I am and what I want for my life. It gave me more confidence. It also helped me realize that I have the potential to do great things in life.”
-Kimberly Coticchia 2013

Course Description: 

Exploratory Studies is a unique course that focuses on the concept of vocation or calling. The course is designed for Exploratory students who want to think further about how academic pursuits relate to broader life choices, and it is open to all freshmen and sophomores.  The ultimate goal of the course is self-discovery. Students gain a greater understanding of their strengths, skills, interests, aptitudes and responsibilities as they consider their calling in life.  The course culminates in an off-campus retreat designed to engage students in concentrated discussions of topics as they relate to contemporary realities. A guest speaker will join students and faculty on the retreat, and a film related to the course topics will be screened and discussed. Students also complete a research project that focuses on integrating the themes of the course with personal reflection.

Credit:  This is a two-credit, seven-week course that is offered in the Fall semester and periodically in the Spring semester.



“It gave me the opportunity to explore myself and discover my vocation. It helped me analyze myself in a way I have never done before. Because of Valparaiso's Exploratory Program, I now have confidence that I will have all the skills and knowledge that I will need for my future."
-Kimberly Coticchia 2013