Valpo CORE

CORE is a wonderful asset for Exploratory students at Valpo. 

The Valpo Core is a two-semester, seminar-style, interdisciplinary course focused on texts that engage students in a conversation about the Human Experience, the theme of the CORE curriculum. 

The Valpo Core encourages interpersonal connection with professors and fellow students.  Core introduces students to Valpo’s close and supportive academic community, encourages intellectual and spiritual growth, and exposes students to both great instructors and challenging ideas.

The Valpo Core provides opportunities to engage in discussion with professors and classmates about the Human Experience including topics such as education, coming of age, citizenship, service, and work. Such dialogue can help Exploratory students clarify interests and ultimately decide upon a major. 

In the spring, students conduct extensive research and interviews related to careers as part of the unit on work and vocation. 

Students are also encouraged to shadow a professional of their choice, if possible. This research project, along with other aspects of CORE, is extremely beneficial to students as they consider a vocation.