Individualized Major

“At first, I believed the label Exploratory simply meant that we would explore different career types and majors.  It wasn’t until recently I concluded the term did not solely mean searching for your profession; it meant searching for your true self.  It means discovering who you are and what you want out of life.  It means finding your interests and gifts.  It’s about finding your vocation.  Although in the future I will declare a major, I feel I will always be an Exploratory student.  Every day of my life I will be learning new things, through schoolwork, other people and experiences.”
-Elizabeth McGinley 2013

The College of Arts and Sciences offers an Individualized major of study which gives students the opportunity to propose a unique degree program suited to their individual interests and goals.  With an Individualized major, they can create a program of study aimed at preparing them for a specific career that combines academic interests from various departments. 

This major is intended for students with clearly defined academic or career objectives who feel that their special needs are not met by a specific departmental major option or by the interdisciplinary program option.  The selection of courses for the Individualized major should reflect serious deliberation on the part of the student and advisor. 

Advisors help students decide if an Individualized major is right for them and will guide them in taking the necessary steps to propose a plan for approval from the Dean's Office.