Interdisciplinary Majors


Interdisciplinary Programs allow students to pursue a degree that allows them to take coursework in related but different academic areas.

Interdisciplinary Programs that offer a first major are Actuarial Science, American Studies, Chinese and Japanese Studies, Environmental Science, Geoscience, International Economics and Cultural Affairs, and International Service.  Interdisciplinary Programs that offer a complementary major are Modern European Studies, Pre-Seminary Studies and Youth, and Family and Education Ministry.  (A complementary major is a major which enhances and expands a first major.  This major may not be a first major.) 

A departmental second major, a complementary major, or departmental minor may be added to the Interdisciplinary Programs with approval from the Dean’s office.  Another option to consider is adding an Interdisciplinary Minor to a departmental major.  Interdisciplinary Minors are currently offered in American Studies, American Indian Studies, Applied Statistics, Business Administration, Chinese and Japanese Studies, Environmental Studies, Ethnic Studies, Film Studies, Gender Studies, Geoscience, Human Aging, Fundamentals of Business, Peace and Social Justice, Political Communication, and Urban Studies.

Advisors can help Exploratory students sort through these options as they discover the program of study that will prepare them to meet future career goals and that corresponds with their strengths, skills, interests and aptitudes.