Christian Scholar and Cornerstone Mosaics

Christian Scholar Mosaic

The Christian Scholar Mosaic, created by the Peter Dohmen Studios, is near the west entrance. A Christian Scholar sits in the middle with a book of knowledge upon his knees. At his feet is an owl, the ancient symbol of wisdom. Also shown is a person of culture and science, the beneficiary of scholarship, who is surrounded by symbols of learning such as a mathematical symbol, an equation, a light bulb, a bolt of lightening, and the scales of justice.

Also illustrated is the seal of the University and two significant dates: 1859, the founding of the University, and 1925, the year of its reorganization as a university associated with the Lutheran Church. The motto of the University, "In Your Light, We See Light" (Psalm 36:9), is presented in Latin.

Cornerstone Mosaic

Another mosaic is located near the north entrance to the chapel and is referred to as the Cornerstone Mosaic, both because it is near the cornerstone of the building and to symbolize Christ as the cornerstone of the church. Depicted are the people of God represented as fish in a net, sheep in a pasture and as grapes on the vine. An angel brings the good news.

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