Resurrection Labyrinth

Resurrection Labyrinth

Located on the east end of the building, just outside the Gloria Christi Chapel, is a memorial labyrinth. Following a cruciform design, the Resurrection Labyrinth offers a place for prayer, healing and contemplation by visitors who walk through it. To aid in private reflection and prayer, numerous “I am” verses from the Bible are placed at various locations in the Labyrinth.

The Labyrinth is a memorial to Nicole Unrath, a 2003 graduate who died in an automobile accident several months after graduation. Funding for the Labyrinth, which was dedicated in October 2005, was provided by her family and friends. Her brother, John, also a Valparaiso University graduate, designed the Labyrinth based on a design by Robert Ferre of Labyrinth Enterprises in St. Louis. The pavers were laid by Marty Kermeen of Labyrinths in Stone of Yorkville, Ill., and plantings were done by the University’s Physical Plant Services staff.

Labyrinths are an ancient form of spiritual expression that relate to wholeness. They date back to the Roman Empire and were commonplace at medieval churches. The design is unicursual—the way in also is the way out—and combines the imagery of a circle and a spiral into a meandering but purposeful path. Nicole Unrath was a regular visitor to a temporary labyrinth that was created in the Chapel of the Resurrection in 2002 and spoke frequently about her desire to have a permanent labyrinth on campus.

Resurrection Labyrinth Resurrection Labyrinth Resurrection Labyrinth







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