Christopher Center, Valparaiso University


  • In 1859, Valparaiso Male and Female College opened with a "small library."
  • By 1907, the school had been renamed Valparaiso University, and the library held 12,000 "choice reference books."
  • There are 2,200 LPs in the Center's collection-from classical to blues, retro to jazz.
  • Grinders Café features free trade Pura Vida coffee.
  • There are some 2,400 data ports and 88 wireless access points in the building, all connected by 42 miles of data cable.
  • 250 computers are located throughout the building.
  • Water-based paints and glues and carpet with low off-gassing help create a healthy building environment.
  • The lighting is high efficiency and low heat output.
  • The center is the largest student employer on campus.
  • Three serveries allow for ease of food service for special events.
  • The building's contemporary design includes expansive use of glass. To offset the effects of the sun, a large lattice covering on the east and south side serves as a distinctive architectural feature as well as a sun screen.
  • The Christopher Center is the fourth library to be constructed on Valpo's campus.
  • Purchased with donor funds, a Steinway piano stands ready for service in the Community Room.