Facilities Management Commitments

Hire and retain competent personnel:

  • People are the assets that move ideas into action.
  • People should be empowered to think and act like professionals.
  • Through professional development and structured advancement opportunities retain and develop specific job skills.
  • Through appropriate training and leadership establish and maintain a safe work environment.
  • Treat all people with dignity, courtesy, and respect in accordance with Christian values.
  • Seek to build the self-confidence of all Facilities Management (FM) personnel.
  • Maintain constructive relationships at every level internal to FM, internal to the University, and to our external contacts.
  • Lead by example.
  • Measure FM employee satisfaction no less than annually.

Provide Services to the campus community within available resources:

  • Constantly seek creative and innovative solutions to customer needs.
  • Seek opportunities to build collaborative relationships that best utilize staff, equipment, and dollars.
  • Seek to provide reliable and timely service and products at a competitive cost.
  • Strive to create and maintain a safe and healthful campus.
  • Continually maintain communications with partners to validate their needs.
  • Continually measure customer satisfaction.

Build a quality campus community: (vistas, views, cleanliness, well maintained, detailed preventive maintenance, energy efficient, reduced deferred maintenance)

  • Expect integrity, performance, and professionalism from our staff, our customers, and our business partners.
  • Recognize superior effort and quality results through performance evaluations, identifying values, measuring individual performance towards them, and acknowledging success publicly.
  • Strive to make the best use of all available resources.
  • Take pride in the function of facilities and equipment and in the appearance of campus.
  • Solicit feedback from those we interact with, so that we can constantly improve.
  • Avoid false economics.