Positive Improvement Committee (PIC)

The Positive Improvement Committee (PIC) is comprised of both Hourly and Salaried full-time FM employees.

The purpose of PIC is to encourage all employees to get involved with enhancing the work environment of FM and the University.

Employees may submit ideas that: 

  • Document positive changes
  • Promote efficiency
  • Improve the organization
  • Provide team building
  • Advance FM toward our vision statement
  • Support the goals of the University community
  • Seek creative and innovative solutions to customer needs

How the process works:

  • Complete a Positive Improvement Proposal form (this form together with the Hustle nomination form is sent monthly via email)
  • The committee reviews the proposals at their monthly meeting
  • A PIC member will inform the employee of their decision
  • The employee may appeal the decision one time in the next monthly meeting

Each employee is assigned a month to submit an idea. This does not prevent employees from submitting more ideas. Each employee may submit as many ideas as they wish.

The PIC committee sends out a monthly email of their meeting minutes. This email provides the status of each Positive Improvement Proposal.

Hustle Award

This award is for an employee going beyond his/her normal work assignment. This could be an employee coming in for an emergency and saving an event, staying after hours to meet a deadline, or any other action that deserves recognition. Simply fill out the "Hustle Nomination" form and submit it to the PIC for review. The Hustle Nomination form is sent via email together with the PIC committee meeting minutes.