Environment & Safety

Facilities Management spends a great deal of time training staff on safe procedures and behaviors. Facilities Management is evolving work methods to protect our customers, those we serve, and our employees. As a result, tasks will be reviewed in the context of safety and the environment.

Our objectives are to:

  • Have every employee complete his or her shift without injury.
  • Identify and comply with pertinent regulations.
  • Abide by an insurance carrier's concerns in the context of our work site.

Safety Programs

Facilities Management maintains a library of safety videos for viewing by Facilities Management staff. Monthly online safety training is also provided on a topic related to the department's day-to-day work.

Lab Pack

The University Safety Manager and Facilities Management organize the safe removal and disposal of University hazardous and dangerous products/substances. The manifests and so called "death certificates" of these products/substances are maintained by the University Safety Manager.


Facilities Management is in charge of the annual lockbox update. This annual update falls under Porter County Ordinance 90-8 for persons and/or locations using, storing, handling, or disposing of dangerous, hazardous, or toxic substances. Porter Country requires a lockbox on the exterior of buildings that have storage of hazardous chemicals. Facilities Management asks campus departments that handle/store hazardous chemicals to indicate to Facilities Management the name, location, and quantity of each chemical handled by their department. This information is then put in a binder and stored in the building lockbox where the chemicals are located. The local fire department and the Porter County Environmental Department also receive a binder with this information.

Medical Waste

A small number of departments generate small volumes of medical waste. University personnel are not licensed or certified to handle medical waste. The University Safety Manager coordinates the disposal through a medical waste disposal service.

For questions regarding safety programs please contact the Safety Manager at 464-6731.