Faculty & Staff Online Work Request

To place an online work request please have the following information handy:

  • Problem description: provide as many details as possible regarding the current situation.
  • Building name: this refers to the building in which the problem is occurring.
  • Building location: this refers to the specific area in which the problem is occurring such as room 101, west restroom, second floor, east hallway, east stairwell, etc.
  • Contact name and number: this is in case our technician needs to contact you to obtain further information or provide you with an update.
  • Fiscal agent: a fiscal agent is a person within your department who has the authority to place an online work request and has the authority of providing a chargeable departmental account number.
  • Departmental account number: if the service does not relate to the upkeep and daily maintenance of the building, the department must provide a chargeable account number.

The standard for completion of non-emergency work requests is ten (10) working days. Please allow a minimum of ten (10) working days before checking on the status of a non-emergency request.

SchoolDude Work Order System