Science Scholarships

Computational Science Graduate Fellowship

Students pursuing or will be pursuing doctoral degrees in science and engineering.  The fellowship includes a 12-week research experience.

DEADLINE: January 1

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DegreeDirectory Social Science Scholarship

For students who are interested in pursuing bachelor level degrees related to Political Science, Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology, Economics and History.

Amount: $500 scholarship
DEADLINE:  April 1

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Graduate Fellowship in the Physical Sciences

The National Physical Science Consortium (NPSC), is offering a fellowship program for students aspiring to a doctoral degree and a career in the physical sciences and related fields. Each fellowship is worth up to
$200,000, depending on the university the student chooses.

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Two additional programs:

1. The Traditional NPSC Program: Two-phase, six year fellowship.

2. The Dissertation Support Program: Provides support as graduate student conducts their dissertation research.

DEADLINE: November 5

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Hydro Fellowship Program

For students conducting research directly related to conventional and pumped-storage hydropower in the fields of engineering, environmental and biological science, or regulatory/economics.  This fellowship provides a living stipend, a tuition allowance, and an allowance for university-provided health insurance. Applicant must have completed bachelor degree by start of fellowship. Open to students who are completing their Master's or Doctorate degrees.


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Online Education Science Scholarship


  • Must be a US Citizen or Permanent U.S. Resident
  • Enrolled in an accredited college or university
  • Working towards a degree in the Science field
  • Consent to provide a digital photograph of self and quote for display on, if required to upon notification of winning the award.
  • Amount: $500
    DEADLINE:  October 1

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    Research and Outreach Projects from NASA

    Funding opportunities exist for independent research, outreach activities, student team projects and more.

    Amount: $varies per project
    DEADLINE:  February 24

    Related Websites: General Homepage -
    Funding Details -
    Application -

    SAP North America Scholarship Program

    Eligibility requirements:
    1. Currently enrolled as a full-time student
    2. Student who is commencing their junior or senior year of study
    3. Pursuing a bachelors degree in: Business, Computer Science, Mathematics, or Engineering
    4. Cumulative G.P.A. of 3.5

    Amount: $5000
    DEADLINE:  June 1

    For more information and application, go on-line to

    Stewardship Science Graduate Fellowship

    For students pursuing a Ph.D. in areas of stewardship science, such as:

    1. High-energy-density physics
    2. Low-energy nuclear science
    3. Properties of materials under extreme conditions and hydrodynamics

    Includes a 12-week research experience.
    DEADLINE: January 12

    For more information and application, please visit