Satisfactory Academic Progress

To receive financial aid at Valparaiso University , you must maintain satisfactory academic progress toward your degree or certificate. The Valparaiso University Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy governs federal, state* and most Valpo aid programs. In addition to the requirement that you must maintain enrollment in a degree program, there are three components to the SAP policy. Students' progress is checked at the end of each Spring semester, and failure to meet the requirements of any one of the three components will result in the loss of aid. The components are:

  • The grade point average (GPA) you must maintain;
  • The number of credit hours you must complete; and
  • The maximum length of time you may receive financial aid.

Undergraduate Requirements

  • Grade Point Average
    In order to continue to receive financial aid, undergraduate students must maintain the following minimum grade point average:
    • Freshmen (less than 24 credit hours completed) 1.65
    • Sophomores (24 to 55 credit hours completed) 1.75
    • Junior and above (greater than 55 credit hours completed) 2.00
  • Credit Hours Completed
    You must complete at least 2/3's of all credit hours attempted with a passing grade. At the end of each academic year, your total hours successfully completed will be compared to your total hours attempted to determine whether you are meeting this requirement. Transfer credits accepted by VU are included in both the attempted and the completed credits.
  • Maximum Time
    Federal regulations establish the maximum time frame in which you must complete your educational program or degree as 150% of the of the published length of your program. Most programs, for example, require 124 credit hours and, for those programs, the maximum attempted hours allowed is 186. (For information concerning the number of credits required for your program, please refer to the appropriate academic department section of the Valparaiso University General Catalog). All attempted hours at Valpo, including regular semesters and summer sessions, as well as any credits transferred from other schools, will apply toward the 150%.

Graduate Student Requirements

  • Grade Point Average
    Graduate students must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0
  • Credit Hours Completed
    Graduate students must complete at least 2/3's of all credit hours attempted each academic year.
  • Maximum Time
    Graduate students may attempt up to 150% of the hours required for their graduate degree. Graduate programs typically vary in length from 30 to 60 credit hours.

Law Student Requirements

  • Grade Point Average
    The minimum cumulative GPA requirement for Law students is 1.85 at the end of two semesters (< 30 credits), and 2.00 after subsequent semesters (> 30 credits).
  • Credit Hours Completed
    Law students must complete at least 2/3's of all credit hours attempted each academic year.
  • Maximum Time
    Law students may attempt up to 150% of the credit hours required for the law degree. Since the law degree requires 90 hours, a student may attempt up to 135. In addition, part-time students must complete the degree within seven years, even if they have not reached the maximum number of attempted hours.

* Dual Degree Programs

Dual degree students enrolled concurrently in the Graduate Division and the School of Law must be meeting the standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress for the academic program in which they are currently taking classes.

Additional Information and Requirements

  • Incompletes and withdrawals will count as hours attempted but not completed. If incompletes are later completed, they will be reflected when progress is again checked, or sooner if the student appeals.
  • Summer school credits may be considered in evaluating attainment of the academic progress standards on an appeal basis.
  • Repeated courses will add to total hours attempted and, if credits are earned, towards hours completed. However, the grade will simply be replaced. The new grade will be included in the GPA calculation, which will be considered when progress is again checked, or sooner if the student appeals.
  • Certain aid programs have shorter time-frame limits and different GPA requirements. For example, most Valpo and Indiana aid programs are limited to eight full-time semesters, and Valpo scholarships will normally require a 3.0 cumulative GPA for renewal. In addition, federal and institutional loan programs have aggregate limits that may be reached before the maximum time-frame limits are reached.
  • Valpo does not offer non-credit remedial courses.

Appeals and Reinstatement

If you do not meet the requirements of this policy, you will be notified in writing after the Spring semester that your eligibility for aid has been terminated.

You may appeal termination of your financial aid eligibility based on undue hardship caused by personal illness or injury, death of a family member, other circumstances beyond your control, or special academic circumstances. You will be required to provide supporting documentation such as doctor's statements, injury reports, or in the case of special academic circumstances, a letter from your advisor. Appeal forms are available from the Financial Aid Office.

Priority consideration will be given to appeals received within 30 days of our letter to you notifying you that you have not met the required standards. Appeals received after that date may be approved, but University gift aid may be reduced, based on available funds.

If you appeal after the beginning of the following semester, you will be required to produce evidence of your current semester academic progress.

Appeals received after the 8 th week of a semester will be considered only for aid for future semesters.

If the appeal is approved, you will normally have one semester to attain the appropriate GPA and completed credit hour standards, specified by the appeals committee.

If you do not appeal, or if your appeal is denied, you will not regain financial aid eligibility until the semester after you have attained the appropriate GPA and completed credit hour standards.

Appeal Form

Appeals should be directed to:

Office of Financial Aid Appeals Committee
Kretzmann Hall
Valparaiso University
Valparaiso , IN 46383