Our wish is that a student's employment at Valparaiso University be a very rewarding experience.  However, we know that discipline and reprimand are often unavoidable.  When discipline becomes necessary, a fair and equitable procedure of progressive penalties for work infractions should be implemented.

The object of any discipline is to correct in short order and restore the employee to productive employment. Discipline should be firm; it must not be delivered with hostility or anger. The student may express anger, frustration, and disappointment; the supervisor should keep a cool head, and privacy is of paramount importance. Nothing is more degrading or humiliating to a worker than to be disciplined in front of peers. A public reprimand can destroy even the most carefully cultivated and desirable rapport between employee and supervisor.

The initial action should begin in the department in the form of a counseling session between the employee and the supervisor with a brief report written by the supervisor.

If the situation is not resolved after the oral warning during the counseling session, written warning must be given to the student with a copy kept by the supervisor. This warning may include notification of a probationary period.

If the situation is still not resolved after the issuance of the written warning, the supervisor may terminate the student's employment by notifying the student and the Financial Aid Office in writing.

It is very important for you to keep accurate records of the situation in case a hearing is needed to resolve the problem.