Student grievances

Should the student employee have a grievance or complaint concerning the status or condition of employment, the student will be accorded a full and fair hearing. It is the right of every student employee to use the prescribed grievance procedure without fear of reprisal.

The student employee should first meet with the immediate supervisor to discuss the problem at the earliest possible time. Every attempt should be made by both parties to resolve the problem at this initial level.

If the problem cannot be resolved at the first level, the student should then appeal to the administrative head of the department. At both levels, written documentation of the student's complaint, and the discussions regarding it, should be kept by the supervisor for departmental records, with a copy sent to the Financial Aid Office.

If the grievance cannot be resolved at the departmental level, a written statement should be submitted by the student to the Financial Aid Office. A designated representative within the office will meet with the student employee and may also invite the supervisor and/or administrative head. The student may bring a representative if the supervisor and/or administrative head are in attendance.

The representative will evaluate, mediate, and attempt to resolve the matter to the satisfaction of all parties.