Pay scale and job types

Pay Scale for the 2013-2014 Academic Year

Level Pay Range

  1. $7.25 - $8.00/hr
  2. $7.25 - $8.50/hr
  3. $7.25 - $9.00/hr
  4. $7.25 - $10.00/hr
  5. $7.25 - $11.50/hr

Raises: Merit raises for student employees are allowed as long as they stay within the pay scale for that Classification, and are awarded from the supervisor for satisfactory work.

Questions: Questions about this student employment classification and pay scale are to be directed to the Office of Financial Aid.

Review of Policy: This policy will be reviewed annually by: The University Comptroller, The Office of Financial Aid, The Human Resource Office, and the Payroll Office.

Job Types

SSER (Student Service Positions)

  • Dining Services
  • Facilities Management
  • can be trained
  • little/no experience needed

SSUP (Student Support Positions)

  • aid in the running of an office, department, or area
  • good/clean working environment
  • can be trained
  • little/no experience needed

STEC (Student Technical Positions)

  • highly skilled
  • not easily trained
  • possess thorough knowledge of subject
  • may need certification or completion of specific class
  • significant responsibility