Orientation to job

Job entry for new or inexperienced workers may be a stressful situation. Any employee, but especially a student working for the first time, has a number of concerns. Anticipating job-entry anxiety, a competent supervisor will explain face-to-face:

  1. The work of the department
  2. The student's specific duties
  3. The work schedule--starting time, breaks, closing time
  4. The supervisory structure, including introducing the student to other members of the staff
  5. The procedures for operation and care of equipment
  6. The work performance assessment procedure
  7. The payroll procedure
  8. Other policies related to employee rights and responsibilities, such as grievance procedures, confidentiality, etc. The student should have ample time to ask questions.

At this time, specific hours which the student will work should be agreed upon. The supervisor should explain that, while some flexibility is possible during certain times such as exam periods, these are the hours which the student is expected to work and that the student is assuming the responsibility to be there on time, ready to work.

If at all possible, students should be assigned specific responsibilities and a space in which to perform their duties. In view of the fact that students usually work only a few hours a day, that time should be used more effectively by making sure that work is available and students can begin as soon as they arrive each day.