The French experience at Valpo —
Classes, community, career

You’ll take gfr_conversationreat classes

As a fourth-semester student, you will spend a week meeting for conversation with a native speaker of French in our Conversation Partner Program. Third-semester students Skype with students in Senegal. Seminar students develop individual film projects while others collaborate to create a French newscast.


You’ll be part of a community

As part of the Esprit français cultural series, you and your classmates can meet for a rousing game of French Pictionary at the weekly “goûter,” attend a French cooking lesson, or take a trip to the Chicago Art Institute to gaze at Impressionist paintings. French Club sponsors game nights, holiday meals, and more.

And you’ll follow a career pathfr_profile_max_2

You’ll graduate with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed professionally and to pursue any number of careers in a variety of professional fields. Max majored in French & finance and completed an internship during his semester in Paris. He now works out of Chicago for a French company, Orange Business Services, incorporating skills from his two majors within the business world.

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