Program Description of the Chinese Minor


A minimim of 16 credit hours in Chinese constitutes a minor. EAST courses 109, 110, 209, 120, taken at the Hangzhou China Study Center, and EAST 495 when the topic is Chinese language study, may count toward the minor.

Previous study of Chinese language is not required, and almost all VU students can study abroad in Hangzhou without delaying graduation if they plan carefully with their academic advisor. You must be a sophomore, junior or senior in good standing with an overall 3.0 GPA. As many as 15 students from VU, from other schools in the Lutheran Colleges' China Consortium, or from other universities-at-large may study in Hangzhou for the fall semester at Zhejiang University. Students take either 10 credits of intesnive Chinese language at the university (at one of six different levels); or take 5 credits of Chinese conversation (EAST 110/210) and audit the other 5 credits of Chinese language (EAST 109/209). Students also take a 3-credit Culture and Civilization course, taught in English by VU faculty. Additional courses may be available, depending on your Chinese language ability and the resident director of the program.
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Many students minoring in Chinese choose to complement their language studies with an inderdiscinplinary program:

Chinese and Japanese Studies
This program provides and opportunity for students to focus their study on this important area of the world by examining the history, culture, and religions of China and Japan, in addition to developin some proficiency in the Chinese or Japanese language. It provides an essential background for students considering a career in education, business, government, or the arts related to the East Asian cultural sphere.

International Economics & Cultural Affairs (IECA)
This program includes a core of five courses in economics and five in Chinese (language, literature, and culture), and two courses each in geography, history, and political science. Double-majors in IECA and Chinese work in international business or public affairs.



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