Classics Program Overview

There is a proud tradition of teaching and learning the Classics at Valpo.

In addition to the more traditional Classical Language and Literature Track, Valpo offers the Classical Civilization Track. Students who major or minor in either track are able to pursue a variety of careers. Many students combine Classics with other fields (Education, Theology, Law, the Sciences), although some intend to become professional classicists themselves one day and so prepare for graduate school. All Valpo students who study Classics grow in their appreciation of the priceless literature, history and culture which are at the basis of Western Civilization.

Enjoy these highlights of the 2015 summer trip to Italy . . . 
Details about the 2016 trip coming soon! 

"My summer trip to Italy was truly life changing.  I learned about classical sites and the Italian culture, but I also learned about myself and where my family comes from.  As a person who loves to travel, this may have been the most enjoyable (and educational) trip I've been on."  -- Alexandra Cuzzone

(Created by Alexandra Cuzzone)


(Created by Justine Hohulin)