2010 Dates

May 18 - June 7, 2010


Michael M. Kumpf, Professor of Classics.

Professor Kumpf has visited Greece regularly for 32 years and has excavated at Isthmia, site of the Ancient Isthmian Games.


Enrollment will be limited. If interested in this Greece study trip, please contact Professor Kumpf as soon as possible.


Two courses will be tentatively offered. Students may enroll in one or in both.

• Classical Literary Studies (CLC 200, 3 credits) A study of Greek literature in translation. Fulfills the Literature component of the Humanities General Education Requirement.

• Classical Monuments in Context (CLC 250, 3 credits) A study of the artistic, architectural and literary monuments of Ancient Greece. Fulfills the Fine and Performing Arts component of the Humanities General Education Requirement.


Tolo, a charming fishing village on the Argolid Bay, has been selected as the main base for the Greece Tour since it is located in one of the richest historical and archaeological regions in Greece. The town also has one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece and ferry connections to some of the Greek islands. Each day there will be free time for swimming, sunning, shopping, socializing, etc.


The first part of the tour will be spent in Tolo where some classes will be held among the Mycenaean ruins of Asine located on a rugged promontory, which juts out into the Aegean Sea. Excurions are planned from Tolo to Olympia (site of the Olympic Games), to Mycenae, to Tiryns, to Argos, to Epidaurus, to Nemea (site of the Nemean Games), to Ancient Korinth, to Isthmia (site of the Isthmian Games), to Pylos, to Sparta, to Mystras and to Monemvasia, as well as to the Aegean Islands of Hydra, Spetses and Poros. The tour will conclude in Athens where students will visit the city's famous archaeological sites and museums. Group trips are also planned to Delphi and to Cape Sounion.

Class schedule

Days spent at Tolo-Athens will alternate with full day excursions to major archaeological sites.