Faculty Profile

Prof. Jennifer Bjornstad, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of German, Director of the Kade-Duesenberg German House

Arts and Sciences, ASB 260



BA: St. Olaf College (German and English Education)

MA and PhD: University of Wisconsin-Madison (German)

Professor Bjornstad's cv

Professor Bjornstad joined the VU faculty in 2001. She teaches the full range of German courses, from German 101 through the Senior Seminar; she especially enjoys figuring out new ways to help her students increase their language proficiency: "I love it when I hit on a classroom activity or homework assignment that really helps students make quick progress toward their language-learning goals."

Professor Bjornstad's research interests include 20th century German prose fiction and the teaching of German. She is especially interested in texts with multiple endings, sets of texts that are versions of a single story, and texts that explore important ethical issues. She is an avid reader in both German and English and loves to watch film versions of her favorite books.