Faculty Profile

Prof. Mark Farmer, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Classics

Arts and Sciences, ASB 267


Ph.D. -- Loyola University

primary: (1) Roman Oratory and Rhetoric, (2) Classical Mythology, (3) Greek and Roman Epic, (4) Greek Drama, (5) Petronian Studies
secondary: (1) Bronze Age and Roman Archaeology, (2) Greek and Roman Art, (3) Roman Epistolary Literature CENT PRESENTATIONS,
In spring 2006, Professor Farmer was named the 2006-2007 recipient of the Valparaiso University Caterpillar Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Professor Farmer's paper "The Katabatic Heroic Journey and the MATRIX" was accepted for the 2003 APA Conference.

Professor Farmer presented "Opening Pandora's Box: Classical Mythology and Technology" at the IFLTA (Indiana Foreign Language Teacher's Association) Conference.

He hosted the Indiana Classical Conference spring meeting at VU in March 2002.

In April 2001, Professor Farmer presented "Say what you mean and mean what you say: Consistency in the works of Cicero" at the CAMWS.

Professor Farmer presented a paper entitled "Cicero's use of the father-son relationship in his speeches" at the American Philological Association conference in December 2000.

He serves as secretary of Indiana's chapter of the American Institute of Archaeology.

Professor Farmer serves also as editor for books in Classics for "Religious Studies Review."

He has also served as advisor to Eta Sigma Phi, the Classics Honor Society, accompanying five members to the society's annual conference along with Professor Emeritus John Helms i
n 2000.