Faculty Profile

Prof. Paul Keen, PhD

Visiting Assistant Professor in Classics

Arts and Sciences, ASB 266



PhD-- University of Chicago

M.A.-- University of Chicago

M.A.-- University of London

B.A.-- Franklin & Marshall College


Ancient history; archaeology; Hellenistic Cyprus and the Near East; Hellenistic andRoman Judaism; ancient imperialism; cross-cultural interaction; economic andsocial history; epigraphy; numismatics.


• “Towards the Koinon Kyprion: Cypriot Cities within the Ptolemaic Empire”Invited lecture. University of Cyprus, Archaeological Research Unit, March2012Also delivered in an earlier form at the Ancient Societies Workshop,University of Chicago, November 2011

• “Conquest and Consequences: Local Elites and Civic Structures in Ptolemaic Cyprus”Invited lecture. Tulane University, February 2012

• “The Ptolemies and the Development of the Epigraphic Habit in Hellenistic Cyprus”Archaeological Institute of America, Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, January2012

• “Scripts, Language, and Imperialism: The Ptolemies and the Development of theEpigraphic Habit in Hellenistic Cyprus and the Near East”American Schools of Oriental Research Conference, San Francisco, November2011

• “Money, Empire, and the Coinage of the King: Cypriot Integration into the PtolemaicImperial Economy through the Numismatic Evidence”Invited Lecture. Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute(CAARI), February 2011