French 204

EmilyYou've just placed into French 204 -- what comes next?

Maybe you're already thinking about pursuing a French major or minor.  Maybe you're planning to take French as a way to fulfill a General Education language requirement.  Whatever your situation, we encourage you to sign up for French 204 this summer.   One good reason -- you'll earn 8 free credits by taking the class!  But there are many other great reasons to register for 204 at summer FOCUS.

Here's why you should take French 204 right away this fall.

What is French 204, French Composition & Conversation?

In 204 you'll build communication skills and deepen your understanding of French and Francophone culture.

You'll find many opportunities for enrichment and community-building at home and abroad.

• You'll meet one-on-one for weekly conversation practice with a native speaker from France, oftentimes a student who also serves as the French House Program Assistant.

• You'll read literary texts (poems, short stories, a short novel, and a play) from Francophone countries like Canada, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Côte d’Ivoire, etc.

• You'll review grammar and vocabulary from high school French while adding a few nuances.

Lindsey• You'll engage in debates, discussions, and role plays.

• You'll write and revise short essays

• The ultimate goal is to bring your skills up to the level necessary for success in Valpo's advanced French classes.

Read what Lindsey says about her experiences in French 204! 


Esprit français


Vapo French students have multiple opportunities to expand their study and enjoyment of French through Esprit françaisEsprit français is a program that is integrated into all French courses, providing great opportunities for French students to use the language on a regular basis outside class while building closer connections with native speakers and fellow French students in the program.  En plus, c’est amusant!