French Classes
Fête du théâtre
Jennifer, Jessann, & Liz in a production of Les Précieuses Ridicules at the annual Fête du théâtre

At  Valpo, your French classes will introduce you to the language, literature, and culture of the French-speaking world.

In language classes you will master French by doing role-plays, engaging in debates, producing videos, and writing business letters among many other hands-on activities.  In literature and civilization classes you will examine the key events, people, places, and texts that have shaped France and the Francophone world.  Along the way, you may also study the history of French cinema, learn how to cook French food, and act in a French play. 

The students pictured here prepared excerpts from one of Molière's 17th century plays as part of the spring French Drama Practicum.


The French Major
Most students complete their French major with 9 or 10 classes beyond Intermediate French (a minimum of 27 credit hours). Required classes include French Composition and Conversation, Approaches to French Literature, three courses in the French Texts and Society series, and Senior French Seminar.  You'll also take a variety of elective classes, both at Valpo and in France.

The French Minor

Students take French Composition and Conversation and Approaches to French Literature, plus enough elective credits to total at least 14 credit hours (4-5 courses total).

• Class Project -- Newscast video
Class Project -- Burkina Faso letter exchange
• Class Project -- Repas médiéval
• Class Project -- Senegal Skype exchange
Course Catalog -- Descriptions of all French classes

Placement and Credit

If you took an Advanced Placement course in high school, you may receive credit in French at Valpo.  Whether you receive AP credit or not, you still have the opportunity to earn retroactive credit for your high school work.  All incoming freshmen take our French Placement Exam, which places you into the correct course.  If you place into and complete an Intermediate or Advanced course, you'll receive retroactive credits in addition to credits for the Valpo course itself.