The French experience at Valpo -- Classes, Community, Career

Welcome to the Valpo French program! 

Engaging coursework, community-building, and professional preparation -- all are central to studying French at Valpo.  Learn what's exciting about French studies by exploring program details on the left as well as examples of current student experiences below:

As a fourth semester student you will week meeting for conversation with a native speaker of French. You'll take great classes

Third semester students Skype with students in Senegal.  Fourth semester students enjoy weekly meetings with a native speaker in our Conversation Partner Program.  Seminar students develop individual film projects while others collaborate to create a French newscast.  View a snapshot of a French major's 4-year plan.

You and your classmates will have opportunities to visit the Chicago Art Institute and participate in other activities. You'll be part of a community

As part of the Esprit français cultural series, students can meet for a rousing game of French pictionary at the weekly “goûter,” attend a French cooking lesson, or take a trip to the Chicago Art Institute to gaze at impressionist paintings.  French club sponsors game nights, holiday meals, and more.


You'll graduate with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed professionally and to pursue any number of careers in a variety of professional fields. And you'll follow a career path

Max majored in French & Finance and completed an internship during his semester in Paris.  He now works out of Chicago for a French company, Orange Business Services, incorporating skills from his two majors within the business world.


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