French Professors

Professors in the French program are committed to enriching your experience at Valpo inside and outside the classroom. 

Teaching and learning at Valpo is something we do together.  Your professors each teach the full range of courses, from beginning language courses to advanced classes for majors.  We hold regular office hours so that we can meet with you to discuss your academic work and help you make plans for the future.  And we'll also see you outside the classroom at French Club events, at rehearsals for the Drama Practicum, and at any number of other activites on campus. At Valpo you receive close, personal attention whenever you need it!

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Professor Berrier
Professor Duvick
Photo by Aimee Tomasek
Professor Tomasik

Professor Berrier
Ph.D., Indiana U.
Professor Duvick
Ph.D., U. of Chicago
Professor Goss
M.A., U. of Illinois
Professor Tomasik
Ph.D., Harvard U.


May 2014:

Livre fort excellent de CuysineProfessor Tomasik's latest project has just been published:  "The Most Excellent Book of Cookery, An edition and translation of the sixteen-century Livre fort excellent de Cuysine"

January 2012:

Professor Tomasik has been awarded to the Richard P. Baepler Distinguished Professorship in the Humanities.  His project, “The Digital Renaissance: Visual Culture, Media Aesthetics, and the Humanities in the 21st Century,” seeks to address the growing emergence of Internet media and technologies and their importance to education.

April 2010:

PalmesProfessor Duvick receives high French honor, Les Palmes académiques.