French Student Profile: Charlotte



"The French House community gave me an opportunity to practice speaking on a regular basis. It was a little awkward at first, but as we all got used to each other we started to feel sort of like a family."

• Charlotte lived in the French House.
• Charlotte studied abroad in France.  Read her blog!

Charlotte, 2015 graduate
French and Music

More from Charlotte:
"I knew I wanted to study abroad if at all possible when I was looking at colleges, and Valpo makes it possible to combine study-abroad with almost any major. The sooner you start planning, so much the better because the study-abroad office will help you find scholarships and other opportunities. Studying abroad is a fantastic experience; you gradually gain a broader perspective on the culture of the country you live in as well as the one you came from. Also, when learning a language there is no substitute for total immersion. I speak French in class and with my host family, and I try to speak French with my friends outside of class when I can, even if I get tired of it sometimes!"