French Student Profile: Emily

"The faculty are incredibly supportive and more than willing to work with students outside of class.  Whenever I needed help with my homework or had a problem with my schedule, the professors were always available to help me."

• Emily studied abroad in Paris, France.
• Emily was named the recipient of the 2014 Roger and Hazel Guillaumant Award, a prize for graduating French majors. 

Emily, 2014 graduate
French and English

More from Emily:

"As a freshman beginning in French 101, I didn't believe that I could major in French because of how the courses are offered. Right from the start, I was told that the faculty members would work with me to make this happen, even when I studied abroad. Four years later, I am graduating on time thanks to the flexibility of this major.

Studying in Paris was the best decision I've made during my time spent at Valpo. Not only did it improve my French skills, but it also broadened my understanding of the world and of myself."