French Student Profile: Kat

"I had the opportunity to study abroad in Paris, taking classes and working for an NGO as part of my internship.  The professors there were as knowledgeable and helpful as the professors at Valpo and I enjoyed the benefits of small classes in both places."

• Kat studied abroad in Paris and completed an internship there.
• Kat combined International Service with her French major.

Kat, 2011 graduate
French & International Service

Kat Borchers originally chose Valpo because she was interested in the International Service program.  But after taking one French class and one Spanish class, she quickly added a French major and a Spanish minor.  Kat was somewhat unique because though she had studied Spanish in high school, she began her French studies at Valpo in first year French.  She is proof that you can pursue a degree in French at Valpo even if the language is brand new to you!  Her enthusiasm for the language and culture was further fuelled during the semester she spent abroad in our Paris internship program.