French Student Profile: Keith
Keith  Keith
French & Political Science

As a Political Science and French major, Keith has found ways use his knowledge of authors like Montaigne and Rousseau in his Poli Sci classes.  In this year’s Celebration of Undergraduate Scholarship, Keith won the Dean’s Choice Award for his project on “A Democratic Liberation: Liberation Theology and Rousseau.” In his junior year, Keith went to Paris to study abroad on the Paris internship program.  While there he was lucky enough to secure an internship with a law firm, which gave him the chance to explore further the many connections to be made between French and law.  In addition to the wealth of French activities on campus, Keith praises the wide variety of course topics “from medieval poetry and history to modern French culture and cuisine.” 

"Valpo's French faculty is well trained in a variety of topics frm medieval poetry and history to modern French culture and cuisine.  There are always French-related activities happening on campus and the native French students you meet are all warm and eager to speak about their intercultural experiences."  -- Keith

• Keith is in Christ College and has a double major with French major and Political Science.
• Keith presented at the University's 2010 Celebration of Undergraduate Scholarship.