French Student Profile: Lindsey

"As a Freshman, I had weekly conversations with native French speakers, many of whom I now (proudly) call my friends.  I really don't believe I would have gotten that experience just anywhere, especially not this early on!"

• Lindsey blogged about her study abroad experience in Paris.
• Lindsey lived in the French House.
• Lindsey combined her French major with IECA (International Economics & Cultural Affairs).

Lindsey, 2013 graduate
French & IECA

Lindsey Skala came to Valpo to major in French and International Economics & Cultural Affairs (IECA) and found that, as part of her first Valpo French course, she was paired for an hour of conversation per week with Emeric Abrignani, one of the French exchange students from l'université de Cergy-Pontoise.  This free-form French practice complemented the focused language study in the classroom and led to friendships with all the French students on campus.  Lindsey's found VU's "right-sized" program to be helpful in other ways, too: she says, "I've had nothing but positive and constructive feedback and support....  I know my professors care about my goals and want me to succeed."