French Student Profile: McKenzie

"I have a lot of crossover in my classes. Learning about a country's economic status helps me understand that country's political relations. My background in French history helps while learning about how nations interact today. It all contributes to a well-rounded education."

• McKenzie studied abroad in Paris France.
• McKenzie combined her French major with IECA (International Economics and Cultural Affairs) 

McKenzie, 2015 graduate
French and IECA

More from McKenzie:

 "When I started classes at Valpo, I had International Economics and Cultural Affairs as my major and French as my minor. As time passed and I took more and more classes, I realized something needed to change. I already loved French, and this was before I studied abroad in Paris. I decided double major with French. It was surprisingly easy! And I was even able to add another minor: Political Science. And it all worked out wonderfully. My majors and minor all compliment each other. I can learn something in a French class that comes up in a Political Science class. The crossovers are interesting and encouraging. Not only do these subjects combine in school, I know they're setting me up for a promising career."