French Student Profile: Olivia

"There are so many opportunities to interact with native speakers of French on campus.  I loved my experience meeting and chatting with Marine, an exchange student from France! She and I met one hour a week for a conversation in French (mandatory for one of my courses), and I really enjoyed the time I spent getting to know her! I learned a lot about the similarities and differences between our cultures, and I love when I have the opportunity to see her around campus!"

• Olivia is participating in Valpo's VIEP program for engineers.

Olivia, 2016
Electrical Engineering with French minor

More from Olivia:
"I would recommend any student, especially those of the STEM fields, to study French or another language. For me, I am able to meet a ton of new people outside of my main field of study, and I am able to maintain a balance between scientific thought process and creative and abstract ways of thinking. I believe that studying both areas has helped me become more balanced and well rounded student and person."