French Graduate Profile: Reillie
Reillie, graduated 2013
French, Economics, & Math

Math, Economics, AND French?  Pourquoi pas?  Not satisfied with just a triple major, Reillie was also enrolled in Christ College, VU’s honors program.  Though it was at times a juggling act with all her coursework, Reillie found time to pursue her passion for both numbers and languages.  Like many of her classmates, she was paired with a native French speaker in the fall of her freshman year and was able to make great strides in her French fluency.  Reillie continued working on her French skills by living in the French House.  “Going into Valpo, I’d knew I’d love the French Program,” says Reillie, “but what I got was way more than expected.”  

"Going into Valpo, I knew I'd love the French program.  But what I got was way more than expected.  Taking French here has encouraged me to make friends from all over, even from France, as well as convinced me to apply to live in La maison française.  I love it!"  -- Reillie

• Reillie lived in the French House.
• Reillie was a student in Christ College, the honors program at Valpo.