French Graduate Profile: TJ
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TJ, 2011 graduate
French & Engineering

TJ knew Valpo was the place for him when he learned that he could continue to study French and could combine it with his Engineering degree in the Valparaiso International Engineering Program.  He lived in the Maison française on campus and spent an entire year studying at Valpo's partner engineering school in historic La Rochelle, France.  His language and intercultural skills skyrocketed during that year.  Combining such different fields—French and Engineering—is possible and, says TJ, "It is worth it!"

"It is a shame for someone to come to Valpo and not take advantage of the various study abroad programs.  I got to go to La Rochelle, France for a year and study at an engineering school and I must admit La Rochelle me manque (I miss La Rochelle)!" -- TJ

• TJ combined French with engineering in the VIEP program.
• A highlight of the unique VIEP program is a year abroad in La Rochelle, France.
• Living in the French House helped prepare TJ for his year in France.