Snapshot of a French Major

A snapshot of a French major

When Liz arrived at Valpo in the fall of 2006, she declared her French major right away.  In June of that year, she came to Valpo's on-campus summer orientation program (FOCUS) and took the French placement exam to learn what course she would register for in her first semester.  Liz was happy to have placed into French Composition and Conversation.  Not only is this the first class that applies toward a French major, but completing the class meant that Liz earned 8 free elective credits toward her overall degree!  Like many French majors, Liz wanted to prepare for a career in international relations, so she decided to major in International Economics and Cultural Affairs (IECA) with a focus on France and Europe.  

• Major in French
• Major in IECA (International Economics & Cultural Affairs)
• Semester abroad in Cergy-Pontoise, France

The classes listed here are the real classes that Liz took during her 4 years at Valpo.  This will give you an example of how a student can put together a major in French with IECA and also study abroad in France for one semester. Though this isn't a template for all French majors, it is a realistic snapshot of one student's coursework.  As a French major you'll choose among required classes and the electives that match your interests and goals.  If you're curious about any of the French classes Liz took, check out the detailed course descriptions.

Liz's Freshman Year

• French Composition & Conversation
• Approaches to French Literature

Principles of Micro Economics
Principles of Macro Economics
Finite Mathematics
Healthy Lifestyles
The Christian Tradition
General Psychology
The Human Experience (CORE)

Liz's Junior Year

• French Civilization to 1870
• Professional French
• Spring semester abroad in France:
   Modern French History
   Cultural Anthropology
   French as a Foreign Languages

Comparative Economics Systems
Contemporary Europe: Century of Violence
Politics of Developing States: Africa


Liz's Sophomore Year

• French Civilization 1870 to the Present
• French Literature 1800 to the Present
• Contemporary French Language & Communication
• French Theater Practicum

International Economics
Comparative Politics
World History in the Twentieth Century
Ancient to Medieval Art History
World Religions Topics: Hinduism
Beginning Chinese I

Liz's Senior Year

• Senior French Seminar:  Lost in Translation
• French Topics:  Introduction to French Cinema

International Relations
Renaissance to Modern Art History
Regional Geography of Asia
Economics of Developing Nations
IECA Senior Seminar
Civic Engagement
English Literature:  Into the Wild