Campus Jobs
Ryan as Student Building Manger
Ryan as Student Building Manager

Students in the German Program can earn pocket money and improve their language skills at the same time.

Even as early as the freshman year Valpo German students may teach in the Kinder lernen Deutsch program, a Monday-afternoon class for youngsters who learn simple German through fun and games and songs at the German House.

Several students who live at the German House work 8 - 10 hours each week staffing the front desk.  Those Student Building Managers are responsible for setting up classroom space, taking building room reservations, interacting with guests who come to the German House and other clerical tasks for the Director of the German House.

Other students may be invited to work a few hours each week as assistants to one of the German professors or at the Language Resource Center in the Arts & Sciences Building.

Each of these opportunities enhances both your education and your financial status.  You won't get wealthy from these campus positions, but you'll avoid digging into savings quite so often!