German Classes
German students
Elizabeth, Andrew, and Marc relax; all three studied and worked in Germany through our International Engineering Program (VIEP-German)

At Valpo your German classes will cover a wide variety of topics.

Naturally, a primary goal has to do with linguistic fluency.  But we'll also learn about culture, including literature, art, architecture, music, philosophy, and political history.  Finally, we won't neglect specialized knowledge you'll need for your career: courses such as German in the Media and German in the Professions will provide that.

The German Major
A minimum of 27 credit hours in German beyond Intermediate German constitutes a major. Courses must include German Composition and Conversation, Approaches to German Studies, three courses in the German Studies series, and the Senior German Seminar.

The German Minor
Students take Composition and Conversation and Approaches to German Studies, plus enough elective credits to total at least 14 credit hours (4-5 courses total).

Placement and Credit
If you are taking an AP course, you may receive credit in German at Valpo.  Whether you are in an AP course or not, you will still have the opportunity to earn retroactive credit for your high school work.  All incoming freshmen take our German Placement Exam, which places you into the correct course.  After you pass that course, you'll earn four to eight retroactive credits, plus four credits for the Valpo course itself.  

Class Descriptions