Student Profile: Becca
German & IECA

Becca Crimmins arrived at Valpo with terrific German skills after living for a full year in Switzerland during high school.  Now that she has added IECA (International Economics and Cultural Affairs) to her German major, she's decided on a semester "abroad" in Washington D.C.  Part of the semester will include an internship in a congressional office or in an agency, public or private.

"I spent a year in Switzerland as a Rotary Exchange Student and I thought I had learned as much as I could of the German language and culture.  But taking German classes here at Valpo has broadened my knowledge about both topics - I don't think I could have learned as much anywhere but Valpo.

-- Becca

• Becca has a double major with German and IECA.
• Her German classes have built on the language and cultural skills she brought to Valpo.