Student Profile: Laura
German & Secondary Education

Laura Diemer is in the final year of preparing to become a German teacher.  With a full year of study abroad under her belt, Laura is ready to do her student teaching at a local high school.  Laura lives in the German House and has taught in Valpo's Kinder lernen Deutsch program.  When you ask her about the year in Tübingen you get an instant "thumbs up" sign and see a huge smile on her face!

Laura has done it all:
• study abroad in Tübingen
• teaching in Kinder lernen Deutsch
• living at the German House!

"At Valpo German does not stop when you leave the classroom.  Opportunities like teaching in Kinder lernen Deutsch, attending Stammtisch and Kaffeestunde, and living in the German House are great ways to practice German outside of class.  The faculty members help you both in class and in letting you know about all the extra activities happening around campus."

-- Laura