Student Profile: Melanie


German & History


Melanie Mosher is a junior German and history major who plans to go to law school after graduation. She has lived in the German House for two years and has worked as a Student Building Manager at the front desk.  She already spent a full year in Germany through the Congress-Bundestag program before coming to Valpo; in 2010-2011 she will get the chance to spend another year in Germany, working in the International Studies Office at the university in Reutlingen through a cooperative-education placement arranged by Valpo's German program.

• Melanie lives in the German House this semester.
• She participates in German Club too!

"Valpo has one of the best German departments!  Not only does it offer a variety of courses taught by knowledgeable professors, but there are also so many ways to use and expand your German outside the classroom." 

-- Melanie