Student Profile: Myriam

I choose Valpo...

because the professors and peers show a truly caring attitude that helps students succeed and creates a positive community feeling around campus.

Intl. Business and German

Myriam Resendiz Rivera is majoring in German and International Business at Valpo. She looks forward to studying abroad in Germany during her junior year. She has a passion for cross-cultural communication and building connections, having grown up speaking three languages in her family. She has tutored adults in English as a Second Language and is now an English conversation partner for international students at Valpo. In her spare time, she plays the guitar.


“The professors in the German program show their passion for the language and culture as they seek to get to know each student as an individual and provide the best learning experience that is tailored to the student's needs. At Valpo, the German program offers many opportunities that help students not only understand but also live the German culture.”

-- Myriam

• Myriam participates in the weekly Kaffeestunde.
• She plans to study abroad in Reutlingen, Germany.