Student Profile: Patrick

  I choose Valpo...

because of its dynamic combination of German and engineering.

German and

After four years of German in high school, Patrick Speroff knew that he wanted to continue with the language. The VIEP-German program at Valpo gives him a great opportunity to do so while also pursuing his degree in electrical engineering. He began participating in VIEP-German already as a freshman. It will take him to Germany for a year (a semester of studying and a semester and a summer of work experience). In his spare time, you might find Patrick working on his car or building a computer.

“I was really excited when I learned about Valpo's VIEP-German program. It was the perfect fit for what I wanted from both German and engineering.”

-- Patrick

• Patrick studies engineering and German through VIEP-German.

• He plans to live in the German House to prepare for study abroad.

• He teaches German to children in Valpo’s Kinder lernen Deutsch program.